Get a Second Opinion So You Can Make The Best Choice

august blog post- best choiceWhen you decide to call a Sacramento-area HVAC company to come out and diagnose your problems, you want to know that they are trustworthy and won’t recommend that you spend more money than is absolutely necessary. What you want is simple: diagnose the problem and recommend the best but most affordable way to fix it. We wish there was a guarantee that you could accomplish these things with every HVAC company, but we hear many stories in California of people experiencing quite the opposite.

Here are 3 questions to consider when hiring an HVAC company:

  • Do they offer a tune-up/service call rate that’s far lower than any competitor in the area? They are most likely losing money on that service call and may be motivated to get you to spend extra money on repairs and purchases.
  • Do the technicians work on commission only? They aren’t getting paid for time they spend helping you and diagnosing problems, but rather for purchases that they convince you to make.
  • Do they have a good reputation online? Check ratings with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List as well as checking Yelp and other reviews to get a feel for how the company does business overall. Look for trends in complaints.

Peck offers a free second opinion for these very reasons! If you don’t feel confident about an estimate that you have received from another company, let Peck come out and help you.

One of our recent customers posted a review online about the second opinion they received from Peck. The customers called a top-rated company first and were told they would need thousands of dollars in repairs. The Peck technician cleaned and serviced the system, came up with different readings and indicated the system was fine, saving the customers from making an unnecessary repair or purchase. Their system has been working excellently since then and they appreciate Peck’s honesty and efficiency!

Peck has been proud to have three generations who have served the greater Sacramento area since 1977. Let us help you today with your HVAC needs, whether you live in Rocklin, Lincoln, Roseville, Granite Bay, Sacramento, or the surrounding areas. Check our specials page first and call us at  916-409-0768.

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