Heater Repair vs. Replacement

When is Time to Repair or Replace Your Heater?

Heater Repair vs. Replacement in Roseville/Granite BayIf you need to replace your entire heating system the overhead cost could be very high indeed. Homeowners must have the requisite knowledge to know when a repair can do the job and when a replacement is the only existing option. The decision to go for the installation of a new heater depends on many factors. The homeowner makes the final decision after the options are weighed.

Make an Informed Decision

These are the signs that something is awry with your heating system and it might be best to replace it.

  • Heating bills have increased significantly in the past few months, yet you did not increase usage of the heating system. Just like other pieces of equipment, heating systems can eventually wear down with time. The parts are not as efficient as they once were. This leads to increased usage of energy due to lowered efficiency. If you opt for a new system it will be more economical in the long run.

  • If you are making too many repairs in a given period of time, it might be more cost effective to get a new heating system. However, if you don’t mind paying for repair services every week then you can hold on to your heating system. But if the repair bills are way over budget, consider getting a replacement.

  • A ten year old furnace is old, and a heating system that has been in your home for more than a decade has an even higher chance of failing. With good maintenance, and old system can continue to function very efficiently. However, consider all the other factors discussed above when deciding whether to just go for repairs or buy a new one.

If you decide on replacing your furnace instead of having repairs done, call (916) 864-3483 for Peck Heating and Air. We will help you find the best replacement. Our company is based in the Roseville area and can assist in all matters pertaining to residential heating systems. Aside from installing new heating systems you may call us for repairs on the old one as well.


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