How Furnaces Emit Toxic Gases

Are there toxic gases in my home?

The reality is that furnaces do produce toxic fumes while they operate. However, our systems have been created in such a way that the gases are safely vented out of the house. Also, there are certain safety measures in place such as the automatic heater shut off mechanism if something should go wrong with the unit. With these safety features in place, homeowners are spared the worry that they may be inhaling poisonous fumes without knowing it. How Furnaces Emit Toxic Gases - Roseville

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It is important for homeowners to know how furnaces vent and produce toxic fumes:

When the burners light up, heat is generated—a lot of it. The natural gas burns and then releases toxic chemicals. This can be dangerous if passed into the home where people can inhale them. This is where the heat exchanger comes in. This metal tube which is open at each end accommodates the gas. When the burning gas increases the temperature of the long metal tube, the air around it is heated. This air is free of gases, and with the help of the blower fan the duct system brings this air into the home. The  fumes remain contained within the length of the tube. They are then let out through the venting pipe and into the atmosphere.

The system has a very simple set-up. This simplicity keeps people safe in their homes. However, problems can arise and when they do, the issues can be major. For example, if there is structural damage to the heat exchanger, the toxic gases can enter the home. If there is a clog along the venting pipe, the gases will backflow and a similar issue arises. However, if regular maintenance is conducted, these problems may be prevented. Heating installation services in Roseville such as Peck Heating and Air can do a great job at making sure that everything is working accordingly. If you are facing any heating system issues or to schedule for maintenance, call us today at 916-864-3483! We are always here to answer any questions and give the best service in town!

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