How Homeowners Can Prevent House Fires

smoke alarmWith the severe drought in California and all around the Sacramento area, it’s not unusual to hear about wildfires. But we may forget about the fire dangers that are often present in our own houses. Help keep your home and family safe by following these tips to prevent house fires.

Do not leave the stove unattended when cooking. Make sure you are close by so you can stop a grease fire in a pan or pull away something that is too close to a burner that might catch fire. Also make sure that you keep a working fire extinguisher in an easily accessible spot in your kitchen and teach the family how to use it.

Make sure portable heaters work properly and have plenty of clear space around them. Keep heaters at least 36 inches away from anything that might be flammable. Check to make sure your heater has a control that will automatically switch off if the unit falls over.

If you smoke, make it a habit to do it outside. The easiest way to prevent a fire started from a cigarette or cigar is to keep it out of the house. Dispose of used cigarettes properly and NEVER smoke in bed or anywhere that you might fall asleep.

Check electrical cords regularly for deterioration. Check all electrical cords in the house. Set up a regular schedule to inspect them and replace as soon as they appear worn out.

Change and check the batteries in your smoke detector on a regular basis. Even if a fire does start in your house, you want to have enough warning to get your family and pets to safety. Set up automatic reminders in an online calendar to help you remember.

Prevention is always the best plan! Even your HVAC system needs to be regularly checked and maintained in order to prevent serious problems.

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