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Our HVAC Maintenance Plan…

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Peck Heating & Air Conditioning can help keep your system running smoothly!

Ben Franklin had it right when he said ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! To keep your home or business warm in the winter and cool in the summer, there’s no better way than to have your system maintained by a reputable company like Peck Heating and Air Conditioning.

Chances are, that you are paying too much in utilities!

Did you know?

  • Your air conditioning and heating costs are 40%-70% of your monthly utility bill.
  • Dirty coils, filters and equipment are responsible for over 50% of most breakdowns!
  • Only 1/16th inch of dirt on a coil can raise your utility bill 20%!
  • Dirty equipment = dirty air that you are breathing!

Our Customer Assurance Plan

Outdoors, We Will:

  • Clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside cabinet
  • Inspect coil and cabinet, clean as necessary
  • Inspect fan motor and blades; lubricate as necessary
  • Inspect control box, controls, and wiring connectors
  • Inspect compressor and associated tubing for damage
  • Inspect compressor connector

Indoors, We Will:

  • Inspect blower assembly, fan belt and motor, lubricate and clean as necessary
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate lines, clean as necessary
  • Inspect for gas leaks
  • Inspect burner assembly, clean & adjust as necessary
  • Inspect ignition & safety control-clean and adjust as required
  • Inspect ignition & safety controls – clean & adjust as necessary
  • Inspect heat exchanger & heating elements
  • Inspect flue systems- (carbon monoxide kills)
  • Inspect control box, controls, wiring and connections
  • Inspect air flow – check for leaks at unit
  • Clean washable type filters

With Your HVAC Maintenance Plan, We Will:

  • Monitor for starting capabilities
  • Listen for abnormal noises
  • Monitor HVAC system for correct refrigerant charge
  • Investigate abnormal odors or smells
  • Monitor your HVAC system for correct voltage/amp draw
  • Monitor operating system – making certain that system operates as intended by the manufacturer
  • Cover correct system operation with owner

Sign up for your HVAC maintenance plan today and start saving on your utility bills! Let PECK help you save money by cleaning and maintaining your equipment! We’re proud to say that our family business has been here for over 30 years!

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