Rocklin, Lincoln, Roseville area A/C PEAK performance for Summer


SUMMER IS UPON US!!!     Are you prepared? Or should I say, is your Air Conditioner prepared?   It has been “hibernating” for months! Good maintenance should be in order to make sure your system is running at PEAK PERFORMANCE, so your summer is a comfortable and pleasurable one.  There are many benefits to having an annual maintenance plan with Peck Heating and A/C……….below are just a few that pertain to your cooling system.  REMEMBER MAINTENANCE SAVES $$$$ 

1.  We will see if the compressor is using too much energy to do the job. (costing you more on your power bill)

2.  We will see if correct voltage is coming to the compressor from the main panel and making sure the wires are all OK.

3. Prevents heat build up and voltage drops.

4. We will look for pitting or burn marks on the contactor to make sure there is a good connection.

5. We will be checking the coil to make sure there are no visible oil spots that may suggest there is a leak.

6.  We will make sure the air leaving the condenser has the correct temperature split to be efficient and in good working order.

7. We will know if there is a problem in the wiring or at the panel.

8. We will make sure we have the correct supply temp and that we are not losing cold air in leaky ducts.

9.  We will make sure the fan motor is running at manufacturers specs, telling us that we are using the correct amount of energy to run this motor.

10. We will verify your system has proper airflow and circulation.

11. We will make sure all drain lines are clear and opened.

12. We will make sure that all safety switches are hooked up and working.

13. We will insure proper airflow to keep your house comfortable and efficient.

All of this is geared to making sure that your system is giving you it’s best when you need it!  And you can rest assured that you and your family will spend the summer in “cool” comfort!

With our “customer assurance plan” you also get 10% off on repairs & 5% off on equipment replacement.


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