Savings Made In The Shade

This is the time when many of us in the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and surrounding areas are doing our Spring planting. Did you know that planting shade trees can actually help you reduce the costs of running your air conditioner in the hot months?

Though not a short-term solution, carefully planning out the planting of your shade trees now can result in long-term energy cost savings. Just by planting three shade trees in the right spots around your home can save you over $100 annually in cooling and heating costs. Planting more trees can actually help out your neighborhood, too. Neighborhoods full of shade trees have daytime temperatures as much as six degrees cooler.

But what trees make the best shade trees? For a list of shade trees that grow well in our area, check out Sacramento Tree Foundation. The City of Roseville, California, has a page of great tips that can help you determine where and how you should plant those trees. Though it’s generally considered better to plant trees in the Fall, you can plant shade trees any time of year. It is best to avoid the hotter temperatures, so plant them before the Spring temperatures are gone.

Shade trees are not the only way to save some money on your cooling costs as the weather warms up. More ideas include:

  •  Installing a programmable thermostat
  •  Keeping window coverings closed during the day
  •  Using ceiling and oscillating fans

But the very best way to save on your air conditioning costs is to have a newer and efficient system. Have you had your A/C inspected or serviced yet?

We want to help you save dollars on your energy costs. Call us today at 916-409-0768 to have our heating and cooling professionals analyze your system. Don’t forget to take advantage of our current special offer!

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