Beat The Heat This Summer!

We all know you could just stay inside this Summer and run your air conditioning non stop in order to stay cool and comfortable. As your friendly neighborhood AC company, we’d like to give you a few ideas to stay cool outside of the house and give that AC a little break!

Water Play

  • Swim and play out in your pool, a friend’s pool, or a public pool.

  • With our current drought conditions, we don’t recommend running through the sprinkler, but instead save your shower/bath water that runs while heating up and use it to fill up spray bottles and squirt guns for some water play in the backyard!

Mall Walks

  • Go for a casual stroll in an air-conditioned environment; let the kids play on the indoor play structures, and stop for a cool drink at the food court.

  • Get your exercise for free in a nice cool building. Check your mall’s website to find out what time they open for walkers and what routes and mileage you can choose from.

Movie Time

  • Plan to go see your Summer blockbuster hit during the hottest part of the day and relax in the dark while you’re entertained.

  • Check the Summer programs at your local movie theaters. Many offer highly discounted or even free family movies on certain days and times.

Frozen Fun

  • If your town has an indoor ice rink, find out what times are available for recreational skating and skate rental information.

  • Make your own frozen treats by pouring your favorite drink into ice cube trays or molds and adding popsicle sticks as they freeze. Enjoy your tasty treat in a shady spot in the yard.

How are you planning to beat the heat this Summer?

When you are at home, make sure your AC is in good working order so it’s there for you when you need it. Whether you’re looking for a Roseville AC company, or you’re in Sacramento, Peck can help you with your air conditioning needs.

Check out our specials page first, and then give us a call at 916-409-0768 to schedule an appointment!

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