Things That can go Wrong with Your Home Furnace

The repair of heating equipment is mostly a concern during winter months in Roseville, California. The weather in California is mild, but the valley can be quite cool, even during the daytime. To keep one’s home warm & comfortable, a furnace that functions reliably is absolutely necessary. When things are not going well with your furnace, the problem has to be identified early on so that the repairs can be done before bigger problems crop up. Hence, before choosing a repair service, make sure that it is reliable so your family’s comfort level is not compromised.

Below is a list of common furnace problems and a few tips for determining such issues:

  • Clogged burners– The tips of the burners can get clogged with dust and dirt particles. If this happens they need to work harder, and this results when heat levels are lower than expected. Moreover, the furnace ends up wasting energy. When there is too much dirt clogging the burners it will not work and this manifests as low heat production from the machine. Unfortunately, this equates to high energy bills. However, a trained technician can solve this problem by cleaning the burner heads.
  • Broken fan– If there is a problem with the fan, the air does not blow and air flow is reduced. This means that heating time is slower than normal. If the motor gets burnt then the fan might break, bend, or lose proper alignment. Also, if there is an electrical disruption, the fan’s power supply can be totally cut off.
  • Thermocouple or igniter problems– The thermocouple controls gas flow while the igniter lights the gas. If there is a broken igniter or thermocouple, the system will eventually shut down and it will not run.

There are many other things that can go wrong with a furnace. For more information, you can contact Peck Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. We have experienced technicians who are ready to take your inquiries as well as schedule repairs. If you are facing any issues with your heating equipment, just give us a call and our friendly technicians we will be at your service.

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